Attorney Says WaPo Downloaded His Phone

More revelations from the Corfman v. Moore civil case.   The transcript,  available at, records former Corfman attorney, Eddie Sexton, admitting that the Washington Post “downloaded” his phone, prior to publishing of the March 2018 article that reported Sexton’s account of the November 2017 meeting, where Sexton alleges he was offered $10,000 to provide a statement to two Breitbart reporters. Deer Stand Hill will continue to comb through this transcript and monitor this case since it’s the only source providing new information regarding the 2017 Special Election for U.S. Senate in Alabama.  Be sure to follow this site for updates and check out this portion of the transcript below.




This is significant since The Washington Post could have even more knowledge of what actually happened during the Alabama election back in 2017.  Remember, WaPo already reported to have possession of a document called “Project Birmingham Debrief.”  Sadly, the public has not been allowed to see this entire document.

Author: Duncan Lindsey

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