Troy City Schools Personnel Changes for 2021

Troy Elementary School

Resigned – Mary Boutwell –Janitor for Troy Elementary School. Effective June 3, 2021

Resigned – Caleb Finn –P.E. Coach for Troy Elementary School. Effective June 15, 2021

Resigned – Kanorris Davis – Special Education Aide at Troy Elementary School. Effective May 28, 2021

Resigned – Kerri Taylor – Special Education Teacher at Troy Elementary School. Effective June 15, 2021

New Hire – Shelby Anderson Teacher Troy Elementary School. Effective August 4, 2021

New Hire – Mi’esha Straughn Teacher Troy Elementary School. Effective August 4, 2021

New Hire – Brooklynn Johnson P.E. Coach for Troy Elementary School.  Effective August 4, 2021

New Hire – Elisabeth Conrad Teacher Troy Elementary School. Effective August 4, 2021

New Hire –  Macon Chandler P.E. Coach for Troy Elementary School. Effective August 4, 2021

Charles Henderson Middle School

New Hire – April Jones – Art Teacher for Charles Henderson Middle School. Effective August 4, 2021

New Hire – Thomas Taylor – Math Teacher for Charles Henderson Middle School. Effective August 4, 2021

New Hire – Shelia Nettles – English Teacher for Charles Henderson Middle School. Effective August 4, 2021

Carl Hollis Head Basketball Coach for Charles Henderson Middle School effective June 15, 2021

Charles Henderson High School

New Hire Samantha Tucker – Math Teacher at Charles Henderson High School. Effective August 4, 2021

New Hire Daniel Wiley – History Teacher at Charles Henderson High School effective August 4, 2021

New Hire Hillary Barron – History Teacher at Charles Henderson High School. Effective August 4, 2021

Maternity Leave for Mrs. Lauren Brown Science Teacher at Charles Henderson High School effective August 4, 2021 for six weeks.

Troy Pike Center for Technology

Transfer of Jennifer Giles to Troy Pike Center for Technology Early Childhood Education Teacher. Effective June 15, 2021

Troy City Schools

New hire Jennifer Davis for Troy City Schools CNP Assistant/Cook. Effective August 5, 2021

Transfer of Alecia Jones from CNP Assistant/Cook to Child Nutrition Program Manager for Charles Henderson High School. Effective August 2, 2021

New hire Anease Coleman for Troy City Schools CNP Assistant/Cook. Effective August 5, 2021

Moore: ‘Secretary of State Compromised’

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Political consultant, Caleb Moore responds to a recent article about the Alabama Secretary of State’s recent scandal. Link to the article:

Only Shameful People Should Be Ashamed Right Now

As I write this, we are less than 36 hours away from what will be remembered as an infamous day of protest in our nation’s capitol. Americans are still processing the video and images of what they saw on television and social media yesterday. Footage of the capitol building being breeched and ransacked, Idiots entering congressional offices and posing for selfies, and don’t forget the weirdo in animal fur with horns. Four dead because someone decided to forcibly enter our nation’s capitol, a building that is guarded by men with guns.

Prior to the capitol building being breeched, I was watching, in real time, members of congress object to the certification of electoral college votes from states that have reported instances of possible voter fraud. This was finally a moment where congress would formally address the allegations of voter fraud that had been reported since November 3rd. Even if the outcome of the election could not be changed, at least a through investigation could begin and steps could be taken to ensure election fraud would never again be an issue in this country.

This moment of closure that I was hoping for was not meant to be. Within moments an unexpected recess was called and the live feed that I was watching went blank. I immediately began looking for another live feed outside where the protesters were and I found one from a local news affiliate in DC. I saw a huge crowd of people protesting outside the capitol. At the same time, I began getting push notifications on my phone about crowds of protesters entering the capitol and how members of congress and staff were being evacuated.

My initial feeling was one of disappointment since I knew that the opportunity for the grievances pertaining to voter fraud would not be able to be aired out in a formal setting. That disappointment later turned to frustration after I saw the responses from people that claim to be conservatives.

There seemed to be an instant knee jerk reaction from prominent conservatives to immediately apologize for being a Trump supporter. Folks Trump isn’t responsible for the actions of those idiots yesterday.

I want to address the 74 million Americans that voted from Trump on November 3rd. You have nothing to apologize for. You should not be ashamed of your political views. The only people who should be ashamed are those individuals that chose to break the law and breech the capitol security. Everyone of those people are recorded on video and photos. It will only be a matter of time before they are all held accountable for their actions.

Now is not the time to abandon your ideals as the left in this country would have you do. There is a narrative stemming from this incident yesterday. A narrative that blames Donald Trump for the actions of these law breakers. A narrative that if you support the MAGA movement, then you too are part of the problem and if you don’t repent and turn from this belief that you are no better than those seeking to cause mayhem in DC. Don’t forget that you are part of a movement that is at least 74 million strong. The left hates this and will do anything to make you feel guilty for supporting Donald Trump.

My advise to all of you is that it’s early still. We still don’t have all of the information about who these people were and if they were actually Trump supporters. False flags are real. They happened in Alabama back in 2017 and are very effective. Don’t jump to any conclusions and question everything you read. Most of all, don’t apologize about who you are. You didn’t do this yesterday and you don’t owe anyone anything.

Judge Roy Moore to Bring Back the Ten Commandments Monument

MONTGOMERY, AL: Judge Roy Moore,and his wife, Kayla Moore, President of the Foundation for Moral Law, are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, the “Ten Commandments Monument” will be returned to Montgomery, Alabama, to be placed at One Dexter Avenue on the first floor of the Foundation for Moral Law.

Judge Moore stated,

“One of the most important issues affecting our Country is a lack of morality. The Ten Commandments represent the ‘Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,’ upon which our Nation began in 1776.

The Ten Commandments Monument will be returned to our state’s capital, only blocks from where it was removed in 2003, where it will stand as a continual memorial to the foundation of our laws. Today more than ever, we need to return to those laws and moral standards upon which our Country was founded.
Our decline as a nation will not be at the hand of a foreign power or external enemy but will occur only when we lose that virtue and morality, under God, upon which we began.”

Judge Moore added, “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God are not only the source of our morals but also our unalienable rights. We have the right to religious liberty because God said, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me,’ and we have the right to life because God said, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’


The Ten Commandments Monument should arrive in Montgomery the afternoon of Tuesday, February 11, between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. A public reception will be held at 2:30 followed by a press conference for credentialed media.

Find out more at:

Congressional Hopefuls in Troy

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Listen to individual speeches here.

Troy, AL City Council Meeting – October 8th, 2019

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Troy, AL City Council Meeting – September 24th, 2019

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Judge Roy Moore Condemns New York Times, Defends Justice Kavanaugh

Verbatim media alert below.

MONTGOMERY, AL — After multiple reports that the New York Times irresponsibly published accusations of sexual misconduct against Justice Brett Kavabaugh by failing to mention that the alleged female victim refused to speak with reporters about it and claimed she had no memory of the event, Judge Roy Moore (R-AL) releases this statement:

“The disgusting tactics of major news outlets who create fake news meant only to disrupt our political process must be stopped!

“I too was the object of false allegations, but unlike Justice Kavanaugh and others who have suffered the ire of the left, I filed suit against my accusers and their conspirators.

“For over two years I have not seen nor have I been able to question any of those who went on national television to tell their false stories just 32 days before the election in December 2017, and ironically I have been sued for defamation for merely denying their false and malicious accusations.

“So what should Justice Kavanaugh do?  Nothing!

“He has been confirmed by the Senate and cannot be removed except by the Senate after impeachment by the House.

“Removal for failure of ‘good Behaviour’ under Article 3, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States applies only during one’s term of office, not to allegations dating back 20, 30, or 40 years.

“The real purpose of liberal Democrats is to stop conservative views by defeating candidates at the polls using false allegations or intimidating them once they take office to silence their conservative philosophy.

“It is about time we stand up to their agenda which threatens to destroy our Country.  I recently spoke out against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), an avowed Muslim, for her anti-Semitic comments and criticism of the U.S. military, and I will forcefully defend Justice Kavanaugh against the New York Times and against Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), who recently who introduced a bill of impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh.

Judge Roy Moore is a Republican candidate for the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Alabama.  The former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is a life-long resident of the state and a committed constitutional conservative that has stood up for liberty and religious freedom his entire career.

Judge Roy Moore Slams Red Flag Laws In Wake of 9/11 Anniversary

Verbatim media alert below.

Moore campaign banner

MONTGOMERY, AL — Reuters reported on September 10, 2019 that the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee voted to approve red flag legislation, a high-capacity magazine ban, and legislation that persons convicted of hate crime misdemeanors would be prohibited from possessing firearms.  All three measures are now up for consideration by the House.  Following that report, Judge Roy Moore (R-AL) released a statement condemning the move in Washington.

“Red flag laws?  The same liberals who took prayer and ‘Thou shalt not kill’ from our schools now want to take our 2nd Amendment rights in clear violation of the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  James Madison, the chief architect of the Constitution and 4th president of the United States, wisely stated that ‘It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment of our liberties… we revere this lesson too much soon to forget it!.'”

“Congress cannot solve a moral problem!”  Judge Moore continued, “‘Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle,’ as George Washington, the father of our Country said centuries before in his farewell address.”

“Let’s ask the Democrats in Congress to pass a ‘red flag law’ forbidding the removal of God from our schools.”

With regard to the tragedy of the destruction on September 11, 2001, Judge Moore also added, “Let us never forget.  From Pearl Harbor to the Twin Towers, we will always remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives that this Nation might live.  United we stand, divided we fall.  May God be with us.”

Judge Roy Moore is a Republican candidate for the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Alabama.  The former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is a life-long resident of the state and a committed constitutional conservative that has stood up for liberty and religious freedom his entire career.

End of Alert.

Be sure to check out this podcast for in-depth coverage of this campaign.

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Roy Moore’s Response to Omar

Below is a verbatim press release from Roy Moore’s campaign.

MONTGOMERY, AL —  Today, Judge Roy Moore responded to a personal attack on his character that was included in a series of comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar after the Alabama Republican Party passed a resolution to expel her from office.”Omar, an avowed Muslim, is a sworn enemy of Israel and has accused our own military of war crimes,” Judge Moore said, “While in Congress she has been accused of numerous sexual relationships.  I have been married to my wife, Kayla, since Omar was three years old and fought for my Country over ten years before Omar was even born.

“I fully support the resolution of the Alabama Republican Party asking Congress to expel Ilhan Omar under Article 1, Section 5, of the United States Constitution, I was sworn to defend after my graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

“President Trump was right: she should go back to Somalia from whence she came,” he concluded.

Judge Moore is a Republican candidate for the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Alabama.  The twice-former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is a life-long Alabamian and a committed constitutional conservative that has stood up for liberty and religious freedom his entire career.

Johnny Davis Breaks Down Defamation Lawsuit Against Roy Moore

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Are Moore Supporters Being Hacked?

This screenshot was sent to me this morning:

Of course, I didn’t post that! My account was spoofed! Folks, be mindful of what is going on with your social media accounts. It looks like the same tactics used by Project Birmingham are being deployed in this election as well. It’s early! Moore hasn’t even announced he’s running yet.

Keep your accounts secure!

Project Birmingham Primer

With the emergence of Roy Moore in 2019 as a front runner for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Alabama, I thought I would list some post that I made during the interim between election cycles.

Many of you still haven’t heard about Project Birmingham and how this misinformation campaign affected the 2017 Special Election. Here are some post to get you started:

(PB-Post 1) Things That Make Me Say Hmm About Project Birmingham.

(PB-Post2) Moore Things That Make Me Say Hmm About Project Birmingham

(PB-Post3) Sandy Rios is Talking About Project Birmingham

Don’t Confuse a 2020 Jones – Moore Rematch With a Repeat of 2017

Eddie Sexton Trusts the Washington Post Enough to Allow Them to Download His Phone. Why?

Even though Eddie Sexton,  the former attorney for Roy Moore accuser, Leigh Corfman, only represented his client for a few days prior and up to the November 9th, 2017 Washington Post article being published, his testimony in a recent deposition reveals his first hand account of the media frenzy that he and his client endured at the onset of what became a series of poll shifting allegations that contributed to Doug Jones’ razor thin margin of victory or Roy Moore back in December of 2017.

Roy Moore speaks to the media. Image courtesy of Alabama Political Reporter

In the deposition, Sexton details the sudden influx of reporters at his office. Sexton was representing Corfman during the hours following the publishing of an article in the Washington Post that contained allegations of sexual assault by Roy Moore.  Sexton explained that he thought his client needed a PR agency instead of an attorney. Below is his reason why:

“Because I had 30 reporters in my parking lot, and I had them blowing up my phone. I had them staked out at my house. I had them staked out at my farm. I had them calling my wife’s cell phone, sending e-mails, Facebook messages, calling friends trying to get me to come in, trying to break in the office.”

The attention even got to the point that Sexton had to take covert measures just to leave his office.  Sexton testified:

“I actually had to leave and go out the back door because they were, like, blocking in my truck and stuff. So, I actually left and got — I think I took somebody else’s car because I was going to some function with Bill Baxley or for Bill Baxley. And so, I went and changed clothes at — at the bathroom at Sonic so I could come back and — and go to that thing without getting attacked by the media.”

Reporters even pushed their way into his office:

“So, during that intervening time when everybody was pounding on the door and screaming and yelling at the windows, one of the reporters pushed his way into — through the door when somebody else came in, and I brought him back to the conference room where I was to talk to him so that the receptionist and everybody wouldn’t be freaking out thinking that something bad was about to happen. So, I got him back there and talked to him for, like, four minutes and then sent him out. But he reported then that I was representing Leigh as her lawyer at that time, and I was. So, once he did that, then I knew that I couldn’t then say, oh, no, I am not representing her, because I knew how Breitbart and them, at that point, would report on it, and I didn’t want something negative to happen to Leigh or something adversely — potential — something that was potentially adverse to her.”

Notice in the above excerpt how Sexton decided not to reveal to the media his decision to no longer represent Corfman.  This decision was made in the frenzy that occurred during the hours just after the WaPo article came out on that same day.   His reasoning for this was, “because I knew how Breitbart and them, at that point, would report on it, and I didn’t want something negative to happen to Leigh or something adversely — potential — something that was potentially adverse to her.”  Did Sexton view “Breitbart and them” as a media outlet (or outlets) that were seeking to negate or offset the WaPo story that had just come out about the allegations of sexual assault by Roy Moore?

This is the first thing that puzzles me about this.  If Sexton viewed Breitbart as being “potentially adverse” to Corfman and he was willing to keep his decision to no longer represent her from the media on November 9th, why then did he agree to attend a meeting with Breitbart reporters just a few days later?  A November 13th meeting where Sexton claims he was offered money and a chance to meet Steven Bannon?  Wait what? Bannon=Breitbart back in those days!

Now having read that, let’s fast forward to March of 2018.

In my last post, I reported that Sexton actually allowed reporters to “download” his phone.  The information obtained was used as supporting material for an article that was published in March of 2018 in The Washington Post. Here is what Sexton told attorneys when asked about him allowing WaPo to download his phone.

“Q All right. So, if you had any communications on that phone with Leigh Corfman, they would have downloaded that?

A No, yeah. No, that is what I am saying. Everything — there is nothing that is deleted that we can’t recover or I can’t recreate and verify that that is where it came from and what happened to it.

Q Okay. So — so, I am saying is, if there were communications between you and Leigh Corfman on that phone, The Washington Post has it anyway, correct?

A Yeah, but I am pretty sure there weren’t.”

Readers think about this for a moment.  Make a list of people that you would trust to download your phone?  If I had to guess that list would be a short one and only include the most trusted people in your life.  Why would an attorney from Alabama allow a Washington D.C. paper such access?

I welcome your comments.

Don’t Confuse a 2020 Jones – Moore Rematch With a Repeat of 2017

Recently, I read a article that quotes Senator Doug Jones as saying, “let’s just do it again” when responding to Roy Moore’s claim that the Alabama Special Election was stolen from him back in 2017.

Senator Jones’ response is an interesting one given what we know about what occurred in Alabama during the Fall of 2017. I think it would be virtually impossible to just do 2017 again. Here are a few reasons why:

political banners

  1. The ballot will not be the same as 2017.

  • The next election cycle in Alabama will have President Trump at the top of the ballot. Remember, 62% of Alabamians that voted in 2016, voted for Trump. Don’t discount the straight party vote. In my view, this gives a republican at least a 10 point advantage even if all things are equal.
  • The Special Election of 2017 was a binary choice between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Another way to describe this would be to use the word, “referendum.” The 2020 ballot will list several national, state and local elections that will attract voters to the polls for many different reasons.

2. The 2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Race will be harder to manipulate.

  • Binary elections are easier to manipulate since you are dealing with a specific choice. In 2017, the disinformation campaign known as “Project Birmingham,” convinced a large portion of Alabama voters that Roy Moore was a pedophile. The choice among those influenced by Project Birmingham became, Doug Jones or a pedophile. Yes, there were candidates written in, but I believe the 20,000 or so that wrote in a candidate were eclipsed by republicans that just crossed over and voted for Jones. I estimate anywhere from 65,000 to 100,000 republicans voted for Jones.
  • Alabama voters have been made aware of manipulation attempts since 2017. I predict in 2020, any strange or negative social media activity related to conservative candidates in Alabama will be presumed, rightly or not, to be disinformation.
  • Remember, Project Birmingham actually touted the fact that no media outlets reported of their existence during the 2017 campaign. This is a key reason that they succeeded at taking out Roy Moore. 2020 will be different, voters will be wary of their tactics.

3. Hard Rs will increase as a result of Project Birmingham.

  • In 2017, over 650,000 Alabama voters voted for Moore. This was after he was branded as a pedophile! Project Birmingham called these voters “Hard Rs.” These were voters that were not swayed by allegations of sexual assault against Moore and will love nothing better than to return to the polls again in 2020 and vote the same way again.
  • The Hard R number may very well increase due to the backlash that Alabama voters will exhibit as a result of being duped by Project Birmingham. We could see that 650,000 increase to more than 750,000. This estimate doesn’t reflect the straight party voters that would not have shown up in 2017. I’m predicting that anywhere from 650,000 to 750,000 may turn out to vote for Roy Moore in the 2020 primary should he decide to run.

This is iron bowl country! Alabamians would love a rematch between Jones and Moore. Especially if they believe they were duped in 2017.

The question I’m asking is, will Judge Moore run in 2020 and if not, which republican will get his endorsement?

Comment below and let me know what you think!

New Jail Meeting – Podcast

This is audio recorded from a meeting that was held by the Pike County Commission on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at the Pike County Courthouse. Ken Upchurch, cofounder of TCU Consulting Services, gave the presentation as well as answered questions from citizens of Pike County afterwards.  This is the second of two meetings.  The first meeting was held in Brundidge on Tuesday, February 19th.

(PB-Post4) Statement From the FEC

In my last post, I left you with the expectation that I was looking into if the Federal Election Commission was doing anything regarding Attorney General Marshall’s formal request that Project Birmingham be investigated by the FEC.

Since no other news outlet is reporting on this at the moment, I thought my readers would at least like to know whether or not the FEC is in fact looking into this matter.  I recently sent a request for information to the FEC and they replied quickly.  FEC Deputy Press Officer, Christian Hilland, responded with the pasted text below.


A provision of federal campaign finance law requires that any Commission action on an enforcement matter be kept strictly confidential until the case is resolved.  Therefore, to comply with this provision and to protect the interests of those involved in an enforcement case that is before the agency or on a matter that has the potential to come to the agency, we are unable to comment.

Potential violations of federal campaign finance law may be brought to the Commission’s attention through the complaint process. This process enables anyone to file a sworn complaint alleging violations and explaining the basis for the allegations. A description of the complaint process is available here. Each complaint is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and therefore, the length of every case will vary.

Note that a vote of at least four Commissioners is needed at every stage, including whether to (1) find reason to believe and initiate an investigation, (2) find probable cause that a violation has occurred or is about to occur, (3) settle a matter, or (4) authorize filing a lawsuit.  If there are not four votes at any stage, the Commission will not proceed to the next step of the process.

Okay, I’m going to take that as a yes.  The FEC is currently investigating Project Birmingham.  I wonder if the media outlets, that reported to have documents from the September and December 2017 meetings, are cooperating?

I welcome your comments and invite you to follow via email below.

(PB-Post3) Sandy Rios is Talking About Project Birmingham

It was such an honor to be a guest on Sandy Rios in the Morning!  She was such a great host and I have a great deal of respect for her and what she has accomplished in her career as a broadcaster.  As a guest on her show, I was not only honored but also excited that I was able to have a platform to discuss Project Birmingham. See my original post that prompted this interview.

This audio clip above is the podcast of the radio show that aired on Febuary 8th, 2019.

This was my first time appearing on a national stage as a guest.  I can say that answering questions on a radio show with timed segments is most certainly a different experience than asking my own questions to others on my podcast with unlimited time.  I want to address in more detail some of her questions, as well as my answers, from the interview that time, (or my veering off topic) wouldn’t permit me to answer.

Before I go any further, I want to welcome any visitors that may have come here as a result of Sandy’s show! I would like invite you all of follow this blog via email, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play, or follow on social media.

First, let me explain the Google search terms I was referencing toward the end of the interview.  You see, if you look at the leaked after action report, you will see that one of the highlights they touted was that Doug Jones’ prosecution of the KKK was emphasized in order to attract black voters.  Searching for Doug Jones wins primary will return articles from the August 15th primary where the mainstream media all mention Jones as being a former U.S. prosecutor who prosecuted the suspects in the Birmingham Church bombings.  Doug Jones KKK will render articles that use different phrasing when introducing Doug Jones. 

“focused on Jones’ history prosecuting the KKK”

After September 27th, Jones is referred to as “Doug Jones, who prosecuted the KKK.”  The latter search renders articles published just after the Republican runoff when the race became a match up between Jones and Moore.  It is clear to me that the main stream media outlets all started emphasizing that Jones prosecuted the KKK after the September meeting, just as Project Birmingham intended.  This is not to imply anything negative about Jones and this great work of putting those Democratic terrorist behind bars, it is simply a method I devised to test the authenticity of the leaked documents.

Do your part to help get the truth out there.  Share this page on your social media.

Second, I want to give a better answer to that final question Sandy asked in her interview. Basically, I’ve discovered a few myths that the media are propagating about Moore and Project Birmingham.  Let me list three that I should have mentioned to Sandy.

Myth 1. Project Birmingham didn’t really affect the outcome of the 2017 Special Election in Alabama.

Go back and look at the turnout numbers in the August primary and the December general. (I did actually talk about this in the interview)  You will see that for every one Democrat that votes in the primary, four voted in the general on December 12th, 2017.  That is huge!  Don’t be misled by the 22,000 margin of victory for Jones. The fact that the Democrats made it past 40 percentage points is enough to make an Alabama liberal stare at the ceiling with upward clasped hands next to their “holiday tree.”

Myth 2. The most controversial thing Project Birmingham did was produce the false flag by using Russian-like Twitter accounts to follow Moore .  

This is a distraction from the real cause of Judge Moore’s defeat, the allegations of sexual misconduct.  Twitter is inconsequential to most Alabama voters and this didn’t amount to a hill of beans.  The only thing that moved the needle in the polling were the allegations that starting coming after November 9th, this was one day after a poll had Moore up by eleven points.  While I can’t definitively claim that Project Birmingham was behind the allegations, there is evidence that the project, which reports say involved Fusion GPS, was working in Alabama during the time the Washington Post reporters were trying to convince the accusers to come forward.  I discuss this in more detail during the interview but just remember not to be distracted by the Twitter nonsense. The eight hundred pound gorilla is the allegations and if they are a product of Project Birmingham, not some cryptic twitter accounts that had no effect.

Myth 3. Roy Moore was a weak candidate.

This one really chaps me every time I hear it.  How can you say Moore was weak when he beat Luther Strange, the most well funded candidate Alabama has ever seen?  Strange was also endorsed by President Trump.  A weak candidate would have never had made it past the primaries.  Also, give me one person that can be successfully branded as a pedophile in the media, have little or no support from the National Republican Party, and still lose by only 22,000 votes?  I wonder how this election would have turned out if just one senator in DC stood up and fought back for Moore like they did Brett Kavanaugh a year later.  It was Roy against the world back in 2017 and the world only won by 1.7 percent.

Finally, I want to update my readers on the investigation of Project Birmingham itself.  I mentioned in the interview with Ms. Rios that Alabama’s attorney general was looking into this.  Yesterday, I received an email from that office with a copy of the letter that indicates this has been deferred to the Federal Election Commission.

2019-01-04 fec letter

Deer Stand Hill will be following up with the FEC for updates so be sure to enter your email address on this page to see where this goes from here.

Before I go, I want to mention a couple of sources here that I don’t think I’ve credited enough.  Jack Posobiec at One America News made the video below.

The leaked documents from the December “After Action” report were posted by Jeff Giesea. Jeff’s post is what got me started down this road. Ya’ll stay with me and let’s see where all of this leads.

I welcome your comments below. Again, I invite you all to subscribe as well.


(PB-Post2) Moore Things That Make Me Say Hmm About Project Birmingham

I wanted to write a follow up to my prior post, where I listed what I thought were questionable circumstances surrounding Project Birmingham and how the leaked documents show possible coordination between the project and the media attacks on Roy Moore during the 2017 Special Election in Alabama.

I’m focusing this post on what I like to call the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room, the allegations of sexual assault made against Moore beginning on November 9th, 2017.  In my view, and according to the polls at the time, no other attacks against Moore damaged his double digit lead over Doug Jones like those allegations did.  Prior to November 9th, 2017, Judge Moore enjoyed an 11 point lead over Jones and even remained in the single digits for a time after The Washington Post article.

Given what we know about Project Birmingham, and the allegations that are still just… well… allegations, that gorilla may be even bigger than we know.

I went back and read the original article that was published on November 9th in The Washington Post. I also studied the leaked documents from Project Birmingham’s December “After Action” meeting.  In addition, I took another look at a recent article and listened to a podcast that NPR has published.

In light of these things, allow me to give you my ideas about why I think there is a possibility that the allegations of sexual assault made against Judge Moore during the Special Election could be connected with Project Birmingham.

Based on what we can glean from the leaked documents, Project Birmingham acknowledged at least twice that the allegations affected their “experiment” as well being detrimental to the outcome of election.  An outcome that ended up exactly as the project intended.


The above image is part of the leaked documents from the December 15th, 2017 “After Action” meeting held by Project Birmingham members and associates. Notice the second bullet point in the image.  They mention the “Wapo Report” and how they “provided major news outlets” with data that indicated “anti-Moore articles were popular.”  Also notice that they provided this information to the media “Prior to the WaPo report on Moore’s alleged child molestation.”

Now take a look at another leaked document from the December 15th meeting.  This one is a timeline that shows what actions were taken and when.


You can see in this above timeline that October, the month that the writers of the November 9th Wapo article were in Alabama working on a story about Moore supporters, is also the month that Project Birmingham experimented “with tactics to push narratives from one social media platform to another and ultimately into the press.”

These documents show me that the project was definitely shaped by the November 9th Wapo hit piece and actions were adjusted accordingly after it was published.  Notice in the timeline again how they pushed the write in candidate in December just before the election and after the allegations have been published.  Promoting a write in was far more effective after the public had been fed a litany of disgusting accusations against Moore.   Republicans would have been far more likely to look elsewhere for a candidate in December than October.

We do know from the recent reporting that Project Birmingham members claim to have also acted as “media advisors,” where they arraigned interviews between the write in candidate they were promoting and the media.

Now that we have this information, isn’t all reporting that occurred during this election suspicious?   Especially from The Washington Post?  I tend to think so.

I welcome your comments below.

(PB-Post 1) Things That Make Me Say Hmm About Project Birmingham.

By now, you have all heard of Project Birmingham, the disinformation campaign, aimed at preventing Roy Moore from winning the Alabama Special Election for U.S. Senate back in twenty seventeen.

I took particular interest in this story when it broke a few weeks ago. As you know, I covered that election more thorough than most since it was the only one going on at the time and I was able to focus my limited time blogging and podcasting (blogcasting) about it.

This is just one of the screenshots posted by writer Jeff Giesea. His article is linked below.

I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on this election. At least an expert when it comes to knowing what transpired and when. I attended multiple rallies, including the one at the train station in downtown Montgomery where Moore appeared after his debate against Big Luther Strange. The atmosphere at that one was electric. A long list of nationally known pols were there. Names like Bannon and Palin spoke to the most fired up crowds that any politician saw in Alabama that year. There was a huge gathering of national press in attendance as well. I was there with my iPhone and monopod trying to capture what I could with what little battery life I had left on my device.

Steve Bannon with Roy Moore. Image courtesy of

I was unable to attend the September 26th election night watch party where after a long road of running against a Trump-endorsed, McConnell-funded, Bentley-appointed Luther Strange, Roy Moore was finally on the downhill stretch to being elected to the United States Senate.

While I couldn’t attend every event, I could follow this election daily via news stories posted to the web and social media. When Moore won the primary, I correctly predicted he would win the runoff on September 26th. After that, it was supposed to be a no brainer. After all, Steve Flowers, the premier political columnist in Alabama, had said to me repeatedly on my podcast, “In Alabama, winning the Republican nomination is tantamount to winning the election.” Steve is usually right about that.

It was a given that Roy Moore was going to beat that democrat. What’s his name? Oh yes, Doug Jones.

Little did I know at the time, what I thought was a campaign coasting its way to victory, was actually a sitting duck about to get hit with the modern political version of a thermo nuclear bomb.

As I write this, all we know is there was a meeting in Washington DC in September of 2017 where the plan was hatched to take out Moore and create a path to victory for Doug Jones.   (Correction) There was no meeting  in September of 2017.  The meeting referenced in the NPR interview linked above occurred in September 2018 in Washington D.C.  The “experiment” was executed and then the group met after the election on December 15th to see what worked and how.

I read these reports linked above and looked over the leaked documents from the December meeting. 


I’m left with more questions than answers after looking at all of this. A few questions are:


  1. Why did they “seed” the #NoMoore hashtag in September and not #NoStrange when the runoff wasn’t held until September 26th? Were they anticipating that Strange was going to lose or just out to get Roy Moore from the get go?
  2. Why is The Washington Post trying to be out front and center with their reporting of Project Birmingham when this thing has WaPo fingerprints all over it? Specifically David Weigal’s prints. Weigal is mentioned in this article  and wrote another on September 27th, the day following Moore’s nomination, where he is among the first writers in the bunch to drive the narrative about Doug Jones prosecuting the KKK. Project Birmingham wanted to increase turnout among black voters by driving home that point and all of the media were more than happy to go along with it. Weigal appears to have either been the most eager to publish or first to get the memo from the project.
  3. Was the November 9th WaPo story, the first of the allegations against Moore, connected with Project Birmingham? We know from the leaked documents that someone with the project reached out to major media organizations and presented data to show that Anti-Moore content was popular and lucrative. Did someone at the project reach out to Stephanie McCrummen in the same manner as was done with David Weigal? McCrummen wrote that she met with Moore accusers for three weeks before they finally agreed to go public. This would put her in Alabama circa October 19th. According to the leaked “After Action” documents, Project Birmingham was “experimenting, in October, with tactics to push narratives from one social platform to another and ultimately into press.” Was McCrummen’s story “pushed” to her from the project? The allegations have yet to be proven and Moore has recently taken a lie detector test that indicates he is telling the truth.
Washington Post Writer, David Weigal Image from
Pulitzer Prizer winning journalist, Stephanie McCrummen Image from

I’m calling on the media outlets that have the documents from both the September and December meetings of Project Birmingham to release them to the public! There is no reason to hold on to them unless they want to protect an ally or even one of their own. I’m continuing to watch this story and will update this post as more information becomes available.


Opinion: One Blogger’s Viewpoint Regarding Maori Davenport

Like many of you, I have been following the situation with Maori Davenport and the controversial decision made by the AHSAA not to let this high school senior play her last season.  I’ve read and listened to the accounts of how a reimbursement check was inadvertently mailed out from USA Basketball to the Davenports and after realizing this payment violated the “Amateur Rule,” it was refunded to USA Basketball in an expeditious manner.

I have also followed this story as a media observer.  This has become a story that has captured the attention of our nation and has united us in a way that would make any politician shudder.  As I scour the internet sifting through hashtag searches for “#Letherplay” and the like, I find nothing but total and complete agreement with, support of and sympathy for Maori and the Davenport family.

As a result of this media storm, the AHSAA has released a statement explaining their reasoning for the decision. I won’t outline this to you here as I’m sure most of you have already read it.  I have also listened to our Mayor, Jason Reeves give an account last night at the Troy City Council meeting.  If you listen to what Mayor Reeves said last night, you will notice that it provides more context to this story than the AHSAA’s statement. It also provides more details in the timeline of what occurred.  Details that compel me to join the 99.999% of Americans in saying, LET HER PLAY!

AHSAA Central Board of Control President, Johnny Hardin made it clear that the rules will be followed to the letter and all parties involved agree that the “Amateur Rule” was indeed violated.  I too agree that yes, on its face, the rule was violated.  Having said that, I don’t think that the spirit of this rule or it’s intended purpose for being written was in any way violated.  We all know that Maori never intended to travel to Mexico City and play basketball for the measly sum of $850!  Who in their right mind would?  We all know that this was an accidental payment, with a mistaken explanation from the issuer, that was deposited by the Davenports.  We all know that once it was realized the payment was indeed in violation, not only was it paid back, but the AHSAA was notified by the Davenports, who subsequently have been blamed by the AHSAA for their part in causing this violation.

The AHSAA has made it clear that the rules will be followed as written.  My question to the AHSAA Central Control Board is simply this:  If the rules are to be “followed as written,” why does your organization have two levels of appeal?  Isn’t is a waste of everyone’s time and resources to meet on two separate occasions, with a total of twenty members, for appeal when in the end your justification for your decision is to simply say, “we followed the rule as written?”  Brilliant!  Just Brilliant.  I believe there could have been a scenario that saved face for the AHSAA and still allowed Maori to play out her senior year.

Sometimes governing bodies have a way of making “amateur” decisions.

A Mayor’s Case For Maori

Troy, Alabama Mayor, Jason Reeves, laid out his case against the AHSAA’s recent decision to not allow Charles Henderson High School Senior, Maori Davenport, to play her last basketball season as a high school student.  Troy, AL Mayor, Jason Reeves

Troy, Alabama Mayor, Jason Reeves

Below is an audio recording of the what the mayor had to say at Tuesday night’s city council meeting. Listen to the entire meeting here.

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Troy City Council Meeting

Here is most of the audio from tonight’s meeting of the Troy City Council.  Mayor Reeves’ comments start at 09:20.  Topics include “The Sanctity of Life Month” as well as statements regarding Maori Davenport and prayer request regarding Former Fire Chief, Thomas Outlaw and Former City Councilman, Charles Meeks.  Go here for a post that just has Mayor Reeves’ comments about Maori Davenport if you don’t want to listen to the entire meeting.

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Flowers: Keep Her Hidden and She Will Win

Steve Flowers talks about the 2018 Governor’s race in Alabama.

 Political Columnist, Steve Flowers, talks about the significance of Labor Day in Alabama politics as well as the 2018 Gubernatorial Election.

Martha Roby – The Lost Interview

As we approach the final hours before the AL-D2 Congressional Runoff between Republicans Martha Roby (I) and Bobby Bright, I thought I would weigh in on the hoopla that is and was Martha Roby’s decision not to vote for Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

First, a quick refresher, back on October 8th, 2016, during a critical and uncertain time of the presidential race, Roby sent this tweet:

This caused an uproar among the staunchly pro-Trump Alabama 2nd congressional district Republican voters.  Voters which had already elected Roby to face a token democrat and have no trouble winning re-election in November. Outburst such as this one went viral on the internet:

Well, as they say, the rest is history.  History that you all know all too well.  Roby barely edged out her

Democratic opponent, Nathan Mathis

in the general and was elected for a fourth term to congress.

Now, here we are near the end of the 2018 season and Roby’s opponents are still bringing this up.  Earlier today I was thinking about this blog and what I did to cover that election back in 2016.  Deer Stand Hill was only a few months old as it’s currently incarnated and if you listen to the early podcast it shows.  I did try to land interviews with influencers and the politicians running for office all got request from me for interviews.   As I thought about those days, it hit me..The Roby email interview!  There was a blog post that gained little traffic back in late October 2016 where Roby responded to a series of questions, that I asked during an email exchange with her campaign, regarding her decision to not support Trump.  The post received little notice and a database issue caused me to lose it between then and now.  But the original email?  Well, today I found it!  Here is the exchange between the Roby Campaign and myself, this is from October 20th, 2016:

(Question) Was the video released on October 7th the only factor in your decision to drop your support of Trump? If not, what were some other factors?

(Answer) Rep. Roby had several stated concerns about Donald Trump as the nominee, particularly as it concerned his shifting positions on conservative issues (life, spending, constitutional order, etc). But, she believe[sic] the best thing for the country and the party was to support the Republican nominee. After the tape, it became clear to Rep. Roby that Donald Trump was unacceptable as a presidential candidate and that the best thing for the party and the country would be for him to step aside and allow Mike Pence to lead the Republican ticket to victory. Politics aside, Rep. Roby is also a mother of two children. She has said that she cannot support a candidate for president who demonstrates such a pattern of abuse and disrespect towards women.

(Question) How have your constituents reacted to this announcement in the days after you made it?  Was this reaction expected?

(Answer) There has been pretty significant reaction, some positive and some negative. Many have reached out to express gratitude for her speaking out for what’s right. Of course, others don’t see it that way.  Some have misconstrued her decision in a way that would make it seem like she somehow supports Hillary Clinton. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it is precisely because she wants to defeat Hillary Clinton that she spoke out when she did in hopes of Trump doing what’s best for the party. 

As she has traveled around and met with constituents this week, most have come to understand that she was simply being open and honest about her views, not campaigning against Trump or trying to tell others how to vote. In fact, she has turned down more than 100 media appearances just because she doesn’t want to appear to be telling others how to vote. Most people can respect that even if they don’t agree.

(Question) If Donald Trump is elected, will your decision not to support him during this last month of the campaign carry over to you not supporting him as President?

(Answer) Of course Rep. Roby would work with him as president. No matter who is in the White House, Rep. Roby’s responsibility is to be a strong voice for the people of her district and advocate for the issues that matter.

Rep. Roby is committed to advancing the conservative cause and putting this country back on the right track. We all believe the best way for that to happen is under a Republican president. Whether it is playing offense with a Republican president, or defense with a Democrat, Rep. Roby is going to fight for conservative principles and values.

End of interview.

Has Martha Roby supported President Trump since his election?  Look at this, from


, Roby was expected to vote 93.5% of the time with Trump but actually voted 96.5% with the president.  Maybe that is why we recently saw this tweet from President Trump endorsing Rep. Roby for a 5th term:

So why all of the hoopla?  Rep. Roby has stood by her words as far as I can tell.  What do ya’ll think? Let me know in the comments below.



Roby and Bright refuse to debate Isner in AL-02 Congressional Race

Montgomery, AL – Tabitha Isner, pastor’s wife and foster-adoptive mom, won the Democratic nomination for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District on June 5, 2018. On the Republican side, incumbent Martha Roby was forced into a runoff with previous seat holder, Bobby Bright.

Because this race is expected to be competitive, Isner challenged both Bright and Roby to publicly declare their willingness to participate in a debate after the run-off election. As they case their run-off ballots, Republican voters deserve to know which of the two Republican candidates would debate. Thus far, neither Bright nor Roby has agreed to debate.

“The people of this district deserve more than 30-second TV ads. They deserve an open and honest policy debate where they can see their candidates side by side, see how they think on their feet, and hear their answers to pressing questions. Without that, how can voters cast an informed vote on November 6th?” Isner said. “Debates are an important way for constituents to get past the fake claims and inflammatory rhetoric used by career politicians. Refusing to debate is yet another example of how career politicians ignore their constituents and cater instead to special interests.”

Roby, who has held the seat since 2010 has not had a town hall meeting since 2013. Her absence from the district along with her lacking constituent services has made Roby unpopular in this district.

The Republican run-off is scheduled for July 17, 2018. Isner will continue to push for public discourse in this race in order to create true democratic conversation in Alabama.

If you’d like to learn more about Tabitha Isner, please visit For comments, please call (334) 538 – 4822 or email Campaign Manager, Megan Skipper, at

AL 2nd Congressional District Poll

Which candidate running for the congressional seat, AL-D2 do you plan to vote for on June 5th?

  • Tabitha Isner (36%, 55 Votes)
  • Martha Roby (19%, 29 Votes)
  • Bobby Bright (18%, 27 Votes)
  • Rich Hobson (14%, 21 Votes)
  • Barry Moore (9%, 14 Votes)
  • Tommy Amason (5%, 7 Votes)
  • Audri Scott Williams (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 154

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The former Alabama Chief Justice says Hobson’s integrity and proven leadership makes him ready to tackle tough problems in Congress.

Press release verbatim from Rich Hobson for Congress

Montgomery, Ala. — Today, the Rich Hobson for Congress Campaign announced the endorsement of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Hobson, who worked for Judge Moore for nearly two decades, is running for Alabama’s second district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“I have known Rich Hobson for over 25 years and know his reputation for honesty, integrity, and devotion to duty is above reproach,” said Moore. “He has the experience, wisdom, and ability to tackle tough problems and resolve them expeditiously, which will serve the people of Alabama well in the United States Congress.

“Rich is a husband, father, and grandfather who will fight to preserve the United States Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Rich Hobson is a proven leader who will stand up to liberal voices in Congress who seek to disparage our history and destroy the values that have made this country great.”

Moore served as Chief Justice of Alabama from 2000 to 2003 and from 2013 to 2016. Twice, he was removed from that office for refusing to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building that acknowledged the sovereignty of God and for upholding the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and the University of Alabama School of Law.

Hobson served as the Administrative Director of the Office of Courts during both of Moore’s terms as Chief Justice, also losing his job for refusing to sacrifice his principles. He also served as Executive Director of the Foundation for Moral Law, which Moore founded.

“It has been an honor for me to work under Judge Moore’s leadership for much of my career, and I am honored that he is standing with me now,” said Hobson. “The rock solid convictions and values that he has upheld in the fact of relentless opposition have earned him the respect of men and women of integrity across our state and nation. He certainly has my respect, and I am grateful for his support.”


Paid by Rich Hobson for Congress

Tabitha Isner Receives Endorsement from New South Coalition

Below is a verbatim press release.

Leading Democratic candidate in AL-02, Tabitha Isner, thanks the Alabama New South Coalition for their endorsement

Montgomery, AL – Tabitha Isner, leading democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in Alabama’s 2nd congressional district has been endorsed by the Alabama New South Coalition. The Alabama New South Coalition is an organization based in Montgomery, AL, that works to organize the community, educate voters, develop both youth and leaders, and encourage progressive legislation in the state. Each year, New South screens candidates and endorses those who they feel will best represent the people of Alabama.

This is only the beginning of change in Alabama. Democrats are on a roll in 2018, and that trend may continue in Alabama. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has identified 30 seats currently held by Republicans that they hope to flip, and Alabama’s 2nd Congressional district is one of the 30. Tabitha Isner, a pastor’s wife and early childhood policy expert, has taken a clear lead in this crowded race. Although a first-time candidate, she has raised more money than any of Rep. Roby’s other challengers. (Bobby Bright appears to have more money, but the vast majority of his funds are in the form of a personal loan to the campaign.) She has also opened campaign offices in both Montgomery and Dothan.

“It is so important that we all work together for a better future for our state.” Isner said. “The New South Coalition does incredible work to organize the community and work for lasting change for all. I am honored to carry their endorsement during this election cycle and will honor their concerns and hopes after I take office.”

If you would like to read more about Tabitha Isner, please visit  To get involved with the campaign, call Laura at 334-796-0706.


Below is a verbatim press release.

Montgomery, Ala. — Today, the Rich Hobson for Congress Campaign announced the endorsement of the Wiregrass Round Table, a grassroots organization committed to a return to the Constitution and traditional values. Hobson is running for Alabama’s District 2 seat in the United States House of Representatives.

“The Wiregrass Round Table and I share a common commitment to fighting any effort to erode our Constitutional values,” said Hobson. “I really appreciate their engagement with these important issues, and I’m honored to have their support.”

In the announcement of its endorsement, the Wiregrass Round Table said that Hobson “will fight best for Alabama families, their values, faith, jobs, and, most importantly, their children. We need men who will not compromise, and we must drain the swamp.”

Hobson has had a long and successful career with the Alabama state court system, twice serving as its director, and an extensive record of leadership and service as a strong Christian conservative leader. He recently served as Campaign Manager for the Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign. He is running with a committed focus on three key policy areas: rebuilding our military, putting America on a path to permanent prosperity, and reminding Americans that our Judeo-Christian values are what made our nation great.

The Republican primary election is scheduled for June 5.

For more information, please visit


This is a verbatim press release from Rich Hobson for Congress.

Montgomery, Ala. — Today, the Rich Hobson for Congress Campaign announced conservative leader Becky Gerritson as the head of Women for Hobson. Gerritson, who challenged District 2 incumbent Martha Roby in 2016, is the founder and president of the Wetumpka Tea Party.

“Throughout his career, Rich Hobson has distinguished himself as a true conservative,” said Gerritson. “I was proud to be with him when he announced his candidacy, and I am proud to stand with him now, heading up the campaign’s efforts to mobilize women to vote for a candidate who believes in our shared traditional values and in protecting our constitutional rights. It’s imperative that we send someone to Congress who puts service before self, and I look forward to working to get the word out to women across the district that that’s exactly what Rich Hobson will do.”

In addition to the leadership she provides to the Wetumpka Tea Party, which she and her husband founded in 2009, Gerritson has testified before Congress twice regarding abuse of power in the Internal Revenue Service. She served on the Alabama Constitutional Revision Committee and serves as the Alabama State Coordinator for the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness. In 2012, in her role as political correspondent for BIG Voices Media she interviewed notable conservative leaders from across the country.

“Becky has been on the front lines of the fight to restore conservative values to our government and our culture for years,” said Hobson. “I’m proud to have her on our team, and I’m confident her leadership will play a key part in our efforts to take our conservative message and values to Washington.”

Hobson has had a long and successful career with the Alabama state court system, having served twice as its director, and has an extensive record of leadership and service as a strong Christian conservative leader. He recently served as campaign manager for the Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign. He is running with a committed focus on three key policy areas: rebuilding our military, putting America on a path to permanent prosperity, and reminding Americans that our Judeo-Christian values are what made our nation great.

The Republican primary election is scheduled for June 5.

For more information, please visit

Rep. Martha Roby at College Republicans Meeting

Rep. Martha Roby spoke at a meeting of the Troy University College Republicans yesterday at B. Graves in Troy, Alabama.  Be sure to monitor this website and @deerstandhill on Facebook and Twitter for current news and political coverage in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.

Rich Hobson Pledges to Protect Taxpayers

Montgomery, Ala. — Today, the Rich Hobson for Congress Campaign announced that he has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which confirms a candidate’s commitment to vote against any and all new taxes once elected. Hobson is running for Alabama’s District 2 seat in the United States House of Representatives.

“I’m thrilled to put my commitment to the residents of Alabama’s Second District in writing,” said Hobson. “It is my long-held belief that new and higher taxes are never the best way to grow our economy and create new jobs. Higher taxes and more regulations are penalties on hard work and success. Washington’s tax-and-spend habit must be broken, and I plan to look for ways to honor American taxpayers rather than placing a heavier burden on them.”

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is promoted and monitored by Americans for Tax Reform. Since its introduction in 1986, more than 1,400 state and federal elected officials have signed the Pledge.

Congressional Candidate, Tabitha Isner Speaks to Deer Stand Hill

I had the opportunity to speak with Tabitha Isner today for a few minutes. She discussed her background, stance on the issues, and her campaign for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. Like us on Facebook and Twitter @deerstandhill.

What’s Going On Troy? #01

This is the first episode of a new podcast that focuses on local news and events in Troy, Alabama.

Troy folks, join me as I talk about the upcoming youth baseball and softball seasons with Dan Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation in Troy. Like us on Facebook and Twitter @deerstandhill.

Pike County Republican Women Luncheon – January 24th, 2018

Below are speeches given by three candidates running for office in 2018.  They spoke to the Pike County Republican Women at the Troy Country Club in Troy, Alabama on January 24th, 2018.  Like and follow Deer Stand Hill (@deerstandhill) on social media and subscribe on YouTube! Stay informed!





Hobson: ‘ So-called leaders in Washington continually let us down’

This post is a verbatim press release from the Rich Hobson for Congress Campaign.


Montgomery, Ala. — Earlier today, congressional candidate Rich Hobson made the statement below regarding the federal government shutdown. Hobson, a Republican, is running in Alabama’s Second District.

“While we’re thankful the government shutdown has been averted temporarily, the problem shows the twin failures of runaway spending and runaway thirst for power in Washington. There is no way around the fact that our so-called leaders in Washington continually let us down, and it is past time for serious spending cuts and a return to the vision for limited government our founders laid out in the Constitution. The American people, especially our brave men and women in uniform, deserve better than what they’re getting, and I intend to fight relentlessly for them in Congress.

“The sticking point–border security and illegal aliens–is also part of the long-term solution as illegal aliens cost us over $113 billion per year. Instead of band-aid solutions, we need to rein in our $21 trillion of debt and live within our means—just like the hard-working families of Alabama do every day.”

Barry Moore is running on his record and doesn’t mind talking about it.

I spoke with State Representative Barry Moore today. We had a candid conversation about his campaign for U.S. Congress, his politics and more. Please subscribe to this channel and follow Deer Stand Hill on social media.

Congressional Candidate Signs Term Limits Pledge

Below is a press release from Rich Hobson’s AL-D2 congressional campaign:


Rich Hobson, the GOP candidate for Alabama’s District 2 seat in the U.S. House says the American people deserve better results than career politicians have been delivering.

Montgomery, Ala. — Today, the Rich Hobson Campaign announced that he has signed the U.S. Term Limits Pledge to co-sponsor and support a constitutional amendment to hold members of the U.S. House to three terms and U.S. Senators to two terms. Hobson announced last week that he is running for the U.S. House in Alabama’s Second Congressional District.

“The American people have had enough of business as usual in Washington,” said Hobson. “We can thank career politicians for our exploding national debt and weakened military, and it is long past time for us to return to the Founders’ ideal of citizen legislators. A constitutional amendment to limit congressional terms is a step in the right direction, and I am proud to sign the pledge.”

U.S. Term Limits is a grassroots advocacy group that works to establish term limits at all levels of government. Since its founding in the early 1990s, term limits have been placed on 15 state legislatures and in eight of America’s ten largest cities.

Interview with Rich Hobson – Roy Moore’s Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager for Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate discusses the Republican Primary path to victory in the 2017 Alabama Special Election for U.S. Senate.

-Outspent $57 to $3 per voter.
-Disappointed in Trump endorsement of Strange.
-This election could be a bellwether of 2018 mid-terms.


(Correction, I actually spoke with Roy Moore back in May of 2017 instead of March.)

Steve Flowers discusses the Special Election Runoff

I spoke with Steve Flowers today about the current polling and status of the Republican Special Election for U.S. Senate Runoff that will be held on September 26th, 2017 in Alabama.  Voters will choose between republicans Luther Strange and Roy Moore.  Be sure to go vote on September 26th.  Also, go here to add the date to your Facebook calendar.  Like and follow Deer Stand Hill on Facebook.

Interview with Angi Horn Stalnaker

Interview with Angi Horn Stalnaker. She and I discuss the AL Special Election for U.S. Senate. Be sure to like this page for ongoing coverage of Alabama politics.

–Roy Moore like a Mack Truck

–Pre-election polls flawed

–Expects 8-10% turnout in runoff

–Dems disorganized

–There is no Democratic Party

–Alabama Dems don’t want any help

–December 12th is irrelevant–Special Election to be decided on September 26th.

2017 Special Election: Predictions & Polling in Real Terms

Click photo to view source from

In the days leading up to the Alabama Special Election Primary,  We have seen predictions for everything from polling data, to voter turnout.  I wanted to take a moment to actually put those predictions into context in terms of actual votes and for whom.  Before I do, let me list a couple of predictions that I have come across over the past few days.

  1. Alabama Secretary of State, John Merrill, predicts that voter turnout will be low, a range of 20-25% of registered voters are expected to show up on August 15th.  His website stated back in November of 2016, Alabama has a total of about 3.3 million registered voters.
  2. The latest poll that I have seen has Moore at 30.7%, Strange at 22.6% and Brooks at 18.1% on the republican side.  For the democrats, data isn’t as complete.  Although that same source does have Democratic Candidate, Robert Kennedy Jr. polling at 49%  which puts him with almost enough votes to win the primary without a runoff!

These numbers, for the most part are not surprising if you have been following this race and monitoring the polling data that has been shared all along.  What hasn’t really been mentioned is what these numbers mean in terms of the expected number of votes that will be placed for each candidate.  That’s what I’ll try here.

It wasn’t until I saw Merrill’s prediction and the total number of registered voters in Alabama that I thought about putting this together.  Since I’m terrible at math, rather than using the 20-25% range, I will settle in the middle at 23%.

Based on the polling and estimated turnout:

If 23% of 3.3 million show up to vote tomorrow, that will mean a total of 759,000 people are expected to turnout statewide.

If Alabama is split (and I’m estimating this) 60/40 republicans to democrats, then that means 455,400 republicans and 303,600 democrats.  I debated with myself to put it at 65/35 but I’ll know for sure after tomorrow.

For the candidates, it’s a simple plan.

Plan A – Win the primary on August 15th.  That would mean one republican candidate would get at least 228,000 votes. For the democrats, that number is 151,800.  Not likely.

Plan B – Make it to the runoff.  This is the most likely scenario and the one that the big money is expecting as well.  Strange has millions to spend but has mostly been attacking Brooks in the ads.  Based on the polling data, here is what that looks like.  Due to availability, I am only able to estimate republicans from here on.

Roy Moore (30.7%) 139,808 estimated votes

Luther Strange (22.6%) 102,920 estimated votes

Mo Brooks (18.1%) 82,427 estimated votes

What is striking to me about this is that a mere 20,494 votes are the only things keeping Brooks from moving on to the runoff against Moore in this scenario.  That’s not a lot of votes when you consider a total 3.3 million statewide registered voters.  This also further explains why the Strange campaign and its allies have been running negative ads against Mo Brooks with far more frequency than they have against Roy Moore up until this point.  The one point that I can glean from this information is that your vote or non-vote matters tomorrow.  Even if you are voting for a candidate that I haven’t named here, and there are some really good ones, you are still affecting the outcome.  If you don’t vote at all tomorrow, which according to this should be about 77% of you, then your inaction also affects this election by keeping the turnout down.

In closing friends, I leave you with a line borrowed from the rock band Rush, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”  For the rest of us, I pray we choose the path that is clear.

Steve Flowers – One Week Until the Primary

I spoke with Alabama political expert, Steve Flowers today about the special election coming up on August 15th.  Please share this on social media and like this page on Facebook for continued coverage of Alabama politics.

Two U.S. Senate Candidates Visit Republicans in Enterprise

This is the audio recorded at an event hosted tonight by the Coffee County Republican Committee.  The speakers were U.S. Senate candidates, Judge Roy Moore and Tripp Pittman.  I tried to boost the audio when members of the audience asked questions.  Otherwise, no edits have been made.


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Interview with Michael Bunn – Candidate for Pike Co. Probate Judge

I talked with Michael Bunn about his decision to run for Probate Judge and what his experience as an attorney will bring to that office.  Recent announcement in the Troy Messenger.

Interview with Judge Wes Allen – Candidate for AL House – District 89

Verbatim press release from Wes Allen’s campaign

Pike Co. Probate Judge Wes Allen. Candidate for Alabama House District 89.

Pike County Probate Judge, Wes Allen, announced Tuesday that he will seek the Republican nomination for the District 89 seat in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Allen, who has served as Pike County’s Probate Judge for nearly a decade, recounted his accomplishments and spoke of the respect and admiration he has for the people he serves.

“For eight years, I have had a front row seat to witness the hardworking people of Pike County,” Allen told a crowd of supporters. “The people work hard. They get up everyday to make our communities better and we have never lost sight that these are the same hardworking people who fund our government. We never lost sight of the fact that we work for the people. Not the other way around.”

Allen, who is viewed as one of the most conservative Probate Judges in the state explained his goals as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives would be similar to those he held as Probate Judge. He promised to keep true to his conservative principles, to promote accountability within government and to remain accessible to the voters of Dale and Pike Counties.

“My philosophy is that government should create an environment in which businesses and entrepreneurs can be successful – an environment where hard work is rewarded and where the American Dream can flourish without undue and unnecessary burdens being imposed by any government agency.” Allen said. “Elected officials should be working diligently to find innovative solutions that foster and promote private sector job growth. That is the philosophy we have lived by here in the courthouse.”

Under his leadership, the Pike County Probate Judge’s office has become a model for modernization, accessibility and fiscal responsibility. Allen has returned budget surpluses from his operations back to the Pike County Commission and has been able to decrease costs to taxpayers by eliminating debit and credit card processing fees.

Allen also implemented programs that made services provided by the Office of the Probate Judge more accessible to rural residents of the County. A satellite office was opened in Brundidge and online services were launched and expanded during his tenure.

Allen received national attention and overwhelming support from conservatives in Pike County, throughout Alabama and across the country for his stand and defense of traditional marriage.  He says that he wants the people of Pike County to view his time as a Probate Judge as one of “transparency, accountability and fairness” and “as someone who never backed down, even in the face of tough opposition.”

Judge Allen and his wife, Cae, have two children, Davis and DeeAna. They attend the First Baptist Church of Troy, where he currently serves as Deacon Chairman.

Representative Alan Boothe (R-Troy) currently holds that position and has announced that he will not seek reelection. The Republican primary election will be held on June 5, 2018.

Judge Roy Moore Taps Former Alabama GOP Chair, Bill Armistead To Head Campaign

This is a press release verbatim from  the campaign of Judge Roy Moore for Senate.

Montgomery, AL – Today, the Roy Moore for U. S. Senate Campaign announced that former State Senator and Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead will serve as Campaign Chairman.

Photo of Bill Armistead
Armistead to bring significant statewide grassroots and fundraising contacts to campaign effort.

“I have known Bill for over 25 years and know him to be an ethical leader of our party who consistently stands up for our shared conservative values,” said Judge Roy Moore. “As a former Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, Bill will help us engage the real people of Alabama who are frustrated by establishment politics in Washington and want a Senator who will be their voice.”

Armistead, a resident of Shelby County, served in the Alabama State Senate for two terms from 1994 – 2002 and was the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor in 2002. He served as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party from 2011 to 2015 during which time the Party won every statewide office including the election of Judge Moore as Chief Justice in 2012. Under Armistead’s leadership, the Party also increased its majorities in the legislature and made record gains at the local level.

“Judge Roy Moore will be the next United States Senator from Alabama, and I am proud to offer my endorsement and support. I encourage all my friends across the state to join the campaign today by visiting or on Facebook @JudgeRoyMoore,” said Bill Armistead regarding the announcement.

Newly appointed Campaign Chairman Armistead continued, “Judge Moore has stood up for conservative values his whole career, often in the face of so-called, bi-partisan adversaries, and this campaign will be no different. The Washington establishment has made it clear that they want to hand-pick the next Senator from Alabama, but I have every confidence that voters in Alabama will stand with Judge Roy Moore on August 15th and send a proven fighter and tested outsider to Washington to shake up the status quo and support President Donald Trump in draining the swamp.”

The appointment of Bill Armistead as Campaign Chairman is the first of several Judge Roy Moore for Senate Leadership Team announcements set for the coming days and weeks.

Paramore Announces Bid for Alabama House of Representatives – District 89

Troy City Councilman, Marcus Paramore

This is a press release verbatim from the campaign of Marcus Paramore.

Leadership, experience, and vision are the characteristics that prompted Marcus B. Paramore to announce his candidacy for the Alabama House of Representative for District 89.  

Paramore is currently serving in his second term on the Troy City Council and was elected Council President following the 2016 municipal elections.  Paramore has always taken a pro-business – pro-jobs approach to government.

“I am proud of the positive economic growth we have experienced in our city, I am proud that Troy was recently listed as one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama.”

During his tenure the City of Troy has experienced significant economic growth.  While several businesses have expanded their services, the signature economic expansion has been the development and opening of Park Place Shopping Center.  He looks forward to using this experience to expand opportunities for all of District 89.

“I was pleased to work with my colleagues to bring this development to Troy.  Bringing Publix to our community and the future economic growth opportunities in this development will give more local shopping opportunities to the citizens of both Pike and Dale counties.  The opening of Trojan Parkway and John Witherington Drive has opened a whole new section for economic growth in our community,” said Paramore.

Paramore serves as the Director of Government Relations for Troy University.  He is responsible for state and federal legislative affairs and economic development.  He has been instrumental in securing increased appropriations for the University both in Montgomery and Washington.  He has also worked with community leaders with various infrastructure projects, improving the lives of all Troy citizens.

“I believe my experience in Montgomery and Washington provides me with an advantage to position District 89 for future growth both in new jobs and expansion of existing industry, as well as better infrastructure,” Paramore said.

Paramore is a fiscal conservative and will bring strong business principles to government.  “I know small business is the backbone of every community and I will fight to make government work smart and efficient.  As a member of the Chamber of Commerce I will work to build a strong environment for all businesses.”

Paramore is a member of the Troy Rotary Club and has participated in various community activities as a volunteer with the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Troy Recreation Department, Salvation Army and Turkeys from Heaven to name a few.  He also has served as finance chairman for the annual Golden Eagle Dinner to benefit the Boy Scouts of America.   “Community Service was instilled in me at an early age by my parents, grandparents and extended family.”

Paramore holds two degrees from Troy University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Science degree in Sport and Fitness Management.

Paramore, 51, is happily married to Leigh Ann (21 years) and has two sons:  Bradley 18, (a recent graduate of Charles Henderson High School) and Cody 16, (a junior at CHHS).  They are active members of Park Memorial United Methodist Church.

“It has been a great honor to serve the citizens of Troy on the City Council.  Now I believe it is time to take my experience and leadership to the Alabama House of Representatives.  I will fight every day to protect and promote the conservative values of Pike & Dale Counties.  Together we can make our home a better place to work, worship and play.”



Interview with Bryan Peeples – Candidate for U.S. Senate

Listen to the story of a young man that found himself unemployed during the economic downturn in 2008, only to work his way back as a successful business consultant today. Bryan Peeples discusses how his experiences with failure and success in the business realm make him a viable candidate for U.S. Senate. Thanks for listening, please share this on your social media and be sure to follow Deer Stand Hill on Facebook.


Campaign image for Bryan Peeples

Interview with Judge Roy Moore – Candidate for U.S. Senate

Get to know Judge Roy Moore in an interview like you rarely hear in this age of argumentative media. Hear what he has to say about his life and campaign for U.S. Senate. Be sure to like and follow Deer Stand Hill on Facebook for total campaign coverage.


Interview with Jim Zeigler – State Auditor of Alabama

Jim Zeigler talks about the ongoing lawsuit filed against Governor Bentley, his new book, “The Making of the People’s Governor 2018”, and what it would take for him to run for governor in 2018. The book is available at Be sure to follow Deer Stand Hill on Facebook and Twitter. Message me with your comments, topic ideas, or sponsorship inquiries. Thanks for listening!

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