Hobson: ‘ So-called leaders in Washington continually let us down’

This post is a verbatim press release from the Rich Hobson for Congress Campaign.


Montgomery, Ala. — Earlier today, congressional candidate Rich Hobson made the statement below regarding the federal government shutdown. Hobson, a Republican, is running in Alabama’s Second District.

“While we’re thankful the government shutdown has been averted temporarily, the problem shows the twin failures of runaway spending and runaway thirst for power in Washington. There is no way around the fact that our so-called leaders in Washington continually let us down, and it is past time for serious spending cuts and a return to the vision for limited government our founders laid out in the Constitution. The American people, especially our brave men and women in uniform, deserve better than what they’re getting, and I intend to fight relentlessly for them in Congress.

“The sticking point–border security and illegal aliens–is also part of the long-term solution as illegal aliens cost us over $113 billion per year. Instead of band-aid solutions, we need to rein in our $21 trillion of debt and live within our means—just like the hard-working families of Alabama do every day.”

Author: Duncan Lindsey

blogcaster at-large

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