Only Shameful People Should Be Ashamed Right Now

As I write this, we are less than 36 hours away from what will be remembered as an infamous day of protest in our nation’s capitol. Americans are still processing the video and images of what they saw on television and social media yesterday. Footage of the capitol building being breeched and ransacked, Idiots entering congressional offices and posing for selfies, and don’t forget the weirdo in animal fur with horns. Four dead because someone decided to forcibly enter our nation’s capitol, a building that is guarded by men with guns.

Prior to the capitol building being breeched, I was watching, in real time, members of congress object to the certification of electoral college votes from states that have reported instances of possible voter fraud. This was finally a moment where congress would formally address the allegations of voter fraud that had been reported since November 3rd. Even if the outcome of the election could not be changed, at least a through investigation could begin and steps could be taken to ensure election fraud would never again be an issue in this country.

This moment of closure that I was hoping for was not meant to be. Within moments an unexpected recess was called and the live feed that I was watching went blank. I immediately began looking for another live feed outside where the protesters were and I found one from a local news affiliate in DC. I saw a huge crowd of people protesting outside the capitol. At the same time, I began getting push notifications on my phone about crowds of protesters entering the capitol and how members of congress and staff were being evacuated.

My initial feeling was one of disappointment since I knew that the opportunity for the grievances pertaining to voter fraud would not be able to be aired out in a formal setting. That disappointment later turned to frustration after I saw the responses from people that claim to be conservatives.

There seemed to be an instant knee jerk reaction from prominent conservatives to immediately apologize for being a Trump supporter. Folks Trump isn’t responsible for the actions of those idiots yesterday.

I want to address the 74 million Americans that voted from Trump on November 3rd. You have nothing to apologize for. You should not be ashamed of your political views. The only people who should be ashamed are those individuals that chose to break the law and breech the capitol security. Everyone of those people are recorded on video and photos. It will only be a matter of time before they are all held accountable for their actions.

Now is not the time to abandon your ideals as the left in this country would have you do. There is a narrative stemming from this incident yesterday. A narrative that blames Donald Trump for the actions of these law breakers. A narrative that if you support the MAGA movement, then you too are part of the problem and if you don’t repent and turn from this belief that you are no better than those seeking to cause mayhem in DC. Don’t forget that you are part of a movement that is at least 74 million strong. The left hates this and will do anything to make you feel guilty for supporting Donald Trump.

My advise to all of you is that it’s early still. We still don’t have all of the information about who these people were and if they were actually Trump supporters. False flags are real. They happened in Alabama back in 2017 and are very effective. Don’t jump to any conclusions and question everything you read. Most of all, don’t apologize about who you are. You didn’t do this yesterday and you don’t owe anyone anything.

Author: Duncan Lindsey

blogcaster at-large

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