Rich Hobson Pledges to Protect Taxpayers

Montgomery, Ala. — Today, the Rich Hobson for Congress Campaign announced that he has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which confirms a candidate’s commitment to vote against any and all new taxes once elected. Hobson is running for Alabama’s District 2 seat in the United States House of Representatives.

“I’m thrilled to put my commitment to the residents of Alabama’s Second District in writing,” said Hobson. “It is my long-held belief that new and higher taxes are never the best way to grow our economy and create new jobs. Higher taxes and more regulations are penalties on hard work and success. Washington’s tax-and-spend habit must be broken, and I plan to look for ways to honor American taxpayers rather than placing a heavier burden on them.”

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is promoted and monitored by Americans for Tax Reform. Since its introduction in 1986, more than 1,400 state and federal elected officials have signed the Pledge.

Author: Duncan Lindsey

blogcaster at-large

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