Roy Moore’s Response to Omar

Below is a verbatim press release from Roy Moore’s campaign.

MONTGOMERY, AL —  Today, Judge Roy Moore responded to a personal attack on his character that was included in a series of comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar after the Alabama Republican Party passed a resolution to expel her from office.”Omar, an avowed Muslim, is a sworn enemy of Israel and has accused our own military of war crimes,” Judge Moore said, “While in Congress she has been accused of numerous sexual relationships.  I have been married to my wife, Kayla, since Omar was three years old and fought for my Country over ten years before Omar was even born.

“I fully support the resolution of the Alabama Republican Party asking Congress to expel Ilhan Omar under Article 1, Section 5, of the United States Constitution, I was sworn to defend after my graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

“President Trump was right: she should go back to Somalia from whence she came,” he concluded.

Judge Moore is a Republican candidate for the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Alabama.  The twice-former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is a life-long Alabamian and a committed constitutional conservative that has stood up for liberty and religious freedom his entire career.

Author: Duncan Lindsey

blogcaster at-large

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