Sexton’s Testimony Confirms Claims of Corfman Family “Sex-Parties”

Fortunately, we have the ongoing defamation lawsuit against Roy Moore to keep providing us with information to compare against what is known about Project Birmingham.

The latest information stems from testimony about a November 13th, 2017 meeting that, according to this filing, involved Leigh Corfman’s attorney, Eddie Sexton, someone from Breitbart News as well as Bert Davi and Gary Lantrip, who were associates of Mr. Sexton.

Below is an excerpt from a document available on The excerpt confirms some of the quoted remarks in the defense filing submitted last week. While Sexton seemed to confirm the claims made in prior testimony about “sex-parties,” the testimony also shows his unwillingness to speak “disparagingly” about her.

There seems to be conflicting accounts as to why Sexton dropped Corman as a client.

In my view, this confirms the need to hear the Breitbart recordings made during this meeting. I believe the recordings could have a major impact on the credibility of the entire November 9th Washington Post article. Be sure to follow this blog for updates since there are no other mainstream media outlets covering this.

Who would have thought that Corfman’s lawsuit against Judge Moore would have provided so much information about what really happened in Alabama back in 2017?




Author: Duncan Lindsey

blogcaster at-large

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