(PB-Post3) Sandy Rios is Talking About Project Birmingham

It was such an honor to be a guest on Sandy Rios in the Morning!  She was such a great host and I have a great deal of respect for her and what she has accomplished in her career as a broadcaster.  As a guest on her show, I was not only honored but also excited that I was able to have a platform to discuss Project Birmingham. See my original post that prompted this interview.

This audio clip above is the podcast of the radio show that aired on Febuary 8th, 2019.

This was my first time appearing on a national stage as a guest.  I can say that answering questions on a radio show with timed segments is most certainly a different experience than asking my own questions to others on my podcast with unlimited time.  I want to address in more detail some of her questions, as well as my answers, from the interview that time, (or my veering off topic) wouldn’t permit me to answer.

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First, let me explain the Google search terms I was referencing toward the end of the interview.  You see, if you look at the leaked after action report, you will see that one of the highlights they touted was that Doug Jones’ prosecution of the KKK was emphasized in order to attract black voters.  Searching for Doug Jones wins primary will return articles from the August 15th primary where the mainstream media all mention Jones as being a former U.S. prosecutor who prosecuted the suspects in the Birmingham Church bombings.  Doug Jones KKK will render articles that use different phrasing when introducing Doug Jones. 

“focused on Jones’ history prosecuting the KKK”

After September 27th, Jones is referred to as “Doug Jones, who prosecuted the KKK.”  The latter search renders articles published just after the Republican runoff when the race became a match up between Jones and Moore.  It is clear to me that the main stream media outlets all started emphasizing that Jones prosecuted the KKK after the September meeting, just as Project Birmingham intended.  This is not to imply anything negative about Jones and this great work of putting those Democratic terrorist behind bars, it is simply a method I devised to test the authenticity of the leaked documents.

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Second, I want to give a better answer to that final question Sandy asked in her interview. Basically, I’ve discovered a few myths that the media are propagating about Moore and Project Birmingham.  Let me list three that I should have mentioned to Sandy.

Myth 1. Project Birmingham didn’t really affect the outcome of the 2017 Special Election in Alabama.

Go back and look at the turnout numbers in the August primary and the December general. (I did actually talk about this in the interview)  You will see that for every one Democrat that votes in the primary, four voted in the general on December 12th, 2017.  That is huge!  Don’t be misled by the 22,000 margin of victory for Jones. The fact that the Democrats made it past 40 percentage points is enough to make an Alabama liberal stare at the ceiling with upward clasped hands next to their “holiday tree.”

Myth 2. The most controversial thing Project Birmingham did was produce the false flag by using Russian-like Twitter accounts to follow Moore .  

This is a distraction from the real cause of Judge Moore’s defeat, the allegations of sexual misconduct.  Twitter is inconsequential to most Alabama voters and this didn’t amount to a hill of beans.  The only thing that moved the needle in the polling were the allegations that starting coming after November 9th, this was one day after a poll had Moore up by eleven points.  While I can’t definitively claim that Project Birmingham was behind the allegations, there is evidence that the project, which reports say involved Fusion GPS, was working in Alabama during the time the Washington Post reporters were trying to convince the accusers to come forward.  I discuss this in more detail during the interview but just remember not to be distracted by the Twitter nonsense. The eight hundred pound gorilla is the allegations and if they are a product of Project Birmingham, not some cryptic twitter accounts that had no effect.

Myth 3. Roy Moore was a weak candidate.

This one really chaps me every time I hear it.  How can you say Moore was weak when he beat Luther Strange, the most well funded candidate Alabama has ever seen?  Strange was also endorsed by President Trump.  A weak candidate would have never had made it past the primaries.  Also, give me one person that can be successfully branded as a pedophile in the media, have little or no support from the National Republican Party, and still lose by only 22,000 votes?  I wonder how this election would have turned out if just one senator in DC stood up and fought back for Moore like they did Brett Kavanaugh a year later.  It was Roy against the world back in 2017 and the world only won by 1.7 percent.

Finally, I want to update my readers on the investigation of Project Birmingham itself.  I mentioned in the interview with Ms. Rios that Alabama’s attorney general was looking into this.  Yesterday, I received an email from that office with a copy of the letter that indicates this has been deferred to the Federal Election Commission.

2019-01-04 fec letter

Deer Stand Hill will be following up with the FEC for updates so be sure to enter your email address on this page to see where this goes from here.

Before I go, I want to mention a couple of sources here that I don’t think I’ve credited enough.  Jack Posobiec at One America News made the video below.

The leaked documents from the December “After Action” report were posted by Jeff Giesea. Jeff’s post is what got me started down this road. Ya’ll stay with me and let’s see where all of this leads.

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